Phone stack?

Philippe Lestang plestang at
Wed Sep 25 09:24:01 EDT 2002


I want to use a stack to dial phone numbers for me.

I looked at the archive of the mailing list and found scripts like 
the following:

put yourNumber into tNumber
open file "modem:"
write "ATDT" & tNumber & CR to file "modem:"
close file "modem:"

- Or maybe should it be: "open file "modem:" for write ?
- The "CR" is doubtful: I read it is used to make the modem wait for 
a server signal. Therefore of course I also tried without it...

This doesn't work at all for me (script in a button).
  I use an Ibook (white) and _nothing_ happens.

When I use a Hypercard stack, saying:
  dial "12345" with modem "ATDT"
  it works OK...

** ==>> Does someone use a Revo phone stack that works, on an Ibook?

Can anybody suggest a solution?

Philippe Lestang


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