mark mitchell cowhead at
Wed Sep 25 08:57:00 EDT 2002

Gareth wrote:

>> My stack will, sadly, remain useless until long filenames are
>> permitted by the "rename file" command.
Rob wrote:
> Take heart, Gareth,
> It will happen in the next official release of RunRev.

I write:
Meanwhile, you can also rename with an applescript (on macs only, of 
course).  I was doing this for a long time because I didn't realize that 
Rev even had a rename command.  (Someday, I'll have to sit down and read 
the dictionary!)

--uses 2 variables, zaOldName and zaNewName

  do "tell application" & quote & finder & quote & return & "set name of 
item" & quote & zaOldName & quote && "to" && quote & zaNewName & quote & 
return & "end tell" as appleScript

mark mitchell

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