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Tue Sep 24 09:41:14 EDT 2002

Hello list,
Im trying to build a distribution of my program ife for OSX, OS9 and 
WIN with Rev 1.1.1
It worked fine for OS9 and WIN wich I have build before with Rev 1.0

But the problems begun with 1.1.1. Its mostly the same code but I had 
crashes after crashes with the engine.
Then the rev support suggested me to change some scripts because the 
engine of Rev 1.1.1 is different to 1.0 so maybe thats what causes the 
I have changed all that (I thinks I have found them all)

During this time i changed to OSX to test it there too..
It works fine (no crash after a lot of testing) in OSX and WIN (tested 
in VPC)...
But still crashes in OS9

Then I had the idea that maybe the problem is on which system I build 
the distribution.
So I copyied all the stacks and made 3 different distributions with 
their own stacks to build.
I started from OSX and builded the OSX Distribution
Then I started with OS9 and builded the OS9 distribution (fat) and the 
WIN distribution.

OSX works fine without crashes apart from the known bugs (scrolling 
text and colored field frames)
Win works fine Scrolling and Colors are correct (but looses the icon, 
which worked fine with 1.0)

OS9: All correct, but it still crashes terribly. Mostly after some 
Sometimes on quit.
It crashed..:
1) in my old 9.1 so hard that after restarting OSX 10.1.5 (Default 
start volume) was not able to find the 9.1
2) in a clean fresh installed standard Apple MacOS 9.2.2 with "System 
error 10"
3) in classic under OSX without any warning.
4) It crashed on Macs of some testers too

Anything else I could do?
Thanks for any help in advance...

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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