The Revolution Wiki has moved

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Tue Sep 24 03:57:15 EDT 2002

The Revolution Wiki has moved to its own server. That means that it now runs on the standard port :80, so everyone should be able to get to it. The new url is:


Please use the new address going forward. I will leave the old wiki's home page in place for a few days, with a notice of the change.

So if you have code to share, or a tip or trick, or a note about compatibility, or anything that might help Revolution developers, post it at the wiki. You don't need a password, you can do it right now. It's easy and quick.

If anyone has suggestions on how to make the wiki more useful, feel free to email me, or better yet, post it at the wiki.

For those who missed the earlier notices, the wiki contains exports of almost all of the Revolution 1.1.1 documentation. In addition there are numerous other pages with more information on Revolution. The best part is that anyone with knowledge to contribute can add to an existing page ,or add a whole new page, just by going to the wiki web site and clicking an edit button on the page. No prior authorization or setup is required.


Geoff Canyon
gcanyon at

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