use-revolution digest, Vol 1 #710 - 16 msgs

mark mitchell cowhead at
Tue Sep 24 02:17:01 EDT 2002

Tim and I did this experiment and the answer seems to be 'yes'.  I made 
a file with a custom icon and sent it to him and he reported that the 
icon works fine, and can even be copied and pasted onto other files.  It 
also works in Jag, apparently.

mark mitchell

Kurt wrote:

> I am able to paste an image from the clipboard onto a RunRev
> application via the app's Get Info window. I understand that this works
> since RunRev apps are single files with resource forks, rather than
> "packages".  Is the custom icon information kept with the app itself
> and would it still appear on the desktop of someone else's computer
> (assuming transfer as a sit.hqx archive, or using some other method
> that retained the data fork info.)?

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