It's Elementary -- Rev Keeps Crashing!

Magnus von Brömsen webmaster at
Tue Sep 24 01:21:00 EDT 2002

Hi Judy

Does it crash during development or then you running your app? I have 
read on this list before that if you run Jaguar there is some kind of 
bug with the Appearence Manager, and the solution is to preview with 
Mac OS simulated (or windows or Linux).
This is Sarah's tips (Thanks Sarah!):

> Rev is not completely compatible with Jaguar's Appearance Manager. If 
> you select and deselect an object multiple times, Rev will probably 
> quit. If you keep hopping from object to object, you should be OK but 
> save frequently! If this gets too annoying, switch to Mac OS emulated 
> look & feel. This cuts out the Appearance Manager and makes Rev very 
> stable under Jaguar, but not as good looking

This solution works fine for me.


On tisdag, sep 24, 2002, at 04:40 Europe/Stockholm, Judy Perry wrote:

> Okay, I'm trying to maintain a sense of humor.  Rev has crashed on me 
> TIMES during the last 90 minutes.
> What am I trying to do?  One card in one stack.  Three fields:  N1, N2,
> Answer.  Four buttons:  Addition!, Subtraction!, Multiplication!, Check
> Answer.  The first three buttons generate random(9) for the first two
> fields and puts the answer, whatever it is, in a global variable
> theAnswer.  The "Check Answer" button then checks to see whether the 
> user
> has entered the appropriate number in the third field.
> Everything seems to work for a while and then just inexplicably 
> crashes.
> No moved picture/movie/sound files, just pfffffffft!  buh-bye.
> Any ideas why?  Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar) on a TiBook which should have 
> plenty
> enough RAM for elementary math.
> Judy
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