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On Tuesday, Sep 24, 2002, at 03:21 Australia/Sydney, Geoff Canyon wrote:

> At 10:33 AM -0400 9/23/02, Toma Tasovac wrote:
>> I have one more question though:
>> When I build a standalone application with my current setup, I still 
>> need
>> the translation text file external to the application.  Is there a 
>> way to
>> make it reside inside the application, invisible to the user?
>> Toma
> As others have mentioned, you can import the file either into a field 
> or a custom property. There is one caveat to that, probably a small 
> one, but it's good to be aware: if you store the data within your app, 
> then you're paying the price in memory used by that data twice: once 
> to store the information, the other for the array you build from it.
> It's not likely to be a big deal, as I said. If for some reason it 
> were, chances are good that you could rewrite your code to use a 
> custom property directly (properties are faster than fields).

...and you can do it all. Custom properties can be arrays. Read in your 
data and make the array in which you store it a custom property. Et 
Voilå ... stored once, still using array logic and still there when you 
next open it, or distribute it.

> But for now you should be fine just using a custom property and 
> turning it into an array.
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