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Mon Sep 23 12:35:01 EDT 2002

At 10:33 AM -0400 9/23/02, Toma Tasovac wrote:
>I have one more question though:
>When I build a standalone application with my current setup, I still need
>the translation text file external to the application.  Is there a way to
>make it reside inside the application, invisible to the user?

As others have mentioned, you can import the file either into a field or a custom property. There is one caveat to that, probably a small one, but it's good to be aware: if you store the data within your app, then you're paying the price in memory used by that data twice: once to store the information, the other for the array you build from it.

It's not likely to be a big deal, as I said. If for some reason it were, chances are good that you could rewrite your code to use a custom property directly (properties are faster than fields).

But for now you should be fine just using a custom property and turning it into an array.


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