rename problem

miscdas at miscdas at
Mon Sep 23 11:38:01 EDT 2002

Gareth Jones writes: 

> Hello, everyone. 
> There may be a very simple solution to this one, but I can't see it. 
> I'm writing a stack to rename music files in a folder. The rest of the 
> script is working as expected, but the rename command is failing to 
> rename. No warnings or error messages. 
> There are three variables that would seem to be important to the command: 
> CurrentSong (e.g. "The Hare's Dream.mp3")
> NewName (e.g. "Watersons - Unknown Album - The Hare's Dream.mp3")
> defaultFolder= (e.g. "/Vishnu/Test Music/Watersons/Unknown Album") 
> The three variables contain what I expect them to. 
> The rename command looks like this: 
>         rename file CurrentSong to NewName 
> Yet no renaming takes place. Any thoughts? I'm using Mac OS X, if that's 
> any help. 
> -Gareth

I'm using WIN98, MetaCard 2.4.3 build 3
This works for me (removed "file" from your script): 

    rename CurrentSong to NewName 

I also noted in the Help stack the following:
"MacOS and Win32 systems do not support moving files or directories to other 

Maybe MetaCard was updated and the Help stack wasn't? 

I tried moving a file to another directory and it worked fine.
  rename "C:\file1.txt" to "C:\A1\file1.txt" 

I renamed a folder and this also worked fine.
   rename "C:\A1" to "C:\B1" 

In addition, I moved a folder to another directory without a problem.
  rename "C:\A1" to "C:\B1\A1" 


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