rename problem

Gareth Jones gslj at
Sun Sep 22 23:26:01 EDT 2002

Hello, everyone.

There may be a very simple solution to this one, but I can't see it.

I'm writing a stack to rename music files in a folder. The rest of 
the script is working as expected, but the rename command is failing 
to rename. No warnings or error messages.

There are three variables that would seem to be important to the command:

CurrentSong (e.g. "The Hare's Dream.mp3")
NewName (e.g. "Watersons - Unknown Album - The Hare's Dream.mp3")
defaultFolder= (e.g. "/Vishnu/Test Music/Watersons/Unknown Album")

The three variables contain what I expect them to.

The rename command looks like this:

         rename file CurrentSong to NewName

Yet no renaming takes place. Any thoughts? I'm using Mac OS X, if 
that's any help.


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