New Image Effects Stack with Blur, Sharpen and others...

sims sims at
Sun Sep 22 05:59:01 EDT 2002

Very nice! Would be better with a XCMD... [ he said, praying that someone
makes an XCMD ].

Sharpen & soften take 64 seconds here with Mac OS 10.1.5
G3 iBook  384 MB RAM.

Nice to have this capability!

Thank you.


>Also included in the .zip download is Scott's external.dll (windows only)
>which demonstrates the same effects, only much faster. Place it in the same
>folder as MetaCard or the Revolution app. If anyone has compiled the XCMD,
>please let me know and I'll include it in this download. This stack *should*
>work correctly on all version of MC and RR, for all platforms. Let me know
>if you find any problems!

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