New Image Effects Stack with Blur, Sharpen and others...

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sun Sep 22 05:12:01 EDT 2002


While playing around with Scott Raney's Convolution Matrix example in his
externals tutorial for MetaCard, I decided to create a software only version
which can be incorporated into any stack on any platform. While this
technique is substantially slower, it does work and demonstrates the power
of the imagedata property.

Using this stack you can play around with the following image effects:

-find edges
-color emboss
-soften (less)
-and others

Also included in the .zip download is Scott's external.dll (windows only)
which demonstrates the same effects, only much faster. Place it in the same
folder as MetaCard or the Revolution app. If anyone has compiled the XCMD,
please let me know and I'll include it in this download. This stack *should*
work correctly on all version of MC and RR, for all platforms. Let me know
if you find any problems!

-Chipp Walters

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