Relative paths for external audio and video files?

Robin Banerjee robinb at
Sun Sep 22 02:22:00 EDT 2002

On 22/9/02 0:09, "Geoff Canyon" <gcanyon at> wrote:
>>> I am a new user of Revolution. I noticed that both Videos and Images are not
>>> embedded and need to connect with external files. This is easy when I'm
>>> building, the images and videos are right there on my hard drive. But when I
>>> build to CD I need relative paths so that the images and videos I burned to
>>> disc will play in anyones CD drive regardless of the Drive letter.  How do
>>> you create/insert relative paths in Revolution?
>>> I am resending this for publication in full on the list. I was advised by a
>>> kind gentleman on the users mail list that Import as Control would work.
>>> Well, Yes and No.  I was able to import as control images, text and snapshot
>>> but not video or audio files.  Is there a secret to this? Video files work
>>> great from the toolbar.  Then there is the question of whether you would
>>> want embedded video files sized 387mb as anything but external files. I am
>>> running Rev version 1.1.1 on a PC running Windows 98SE.
>>> Thanks for your reply
> You can import referenced controls, but you need to make sure you end up with
> relative paths to ensure that the application will be able to find the media
> after you build a standalone. I do this by simply storing media in folders in
> the same folder as the Revolution application. Others want their media to be
> in the same folder as the stack file, so they have to do a little work at
> startup to create the right path.

Sorry - I'm new to this so I know I'm probably missing something here.
But when I create the standalone application (e.g., for windows), I get one
file -- e.g., test.exe.   If I put media files in the same folder as this
file, should it work?  And how should I specify the path under 'player

Thanks in advance!


Dr Robin Banerjee
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