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At 4:54 PM -0500 9/20/02, ncouch wrote:
>Okay I am a newbie to Revolution.  I have used Hypercard 2.4 for decades and
>find the "Revolution" view of backgrounds a bit confusing.
>In Hypercard I was used to being able to manipulate backgrounds at will and
>have it applied to all other cards automatically.  In Revolution I find that
>if I modify the background then the other cards with the same background
>lose the background (and all data thereon) altogether.  I have looked
>through the help and tutorials with little insight on how to accomplish
>Is there a way to manipulate the background on one card and have it
>automatically applied to the other cards without having to re-create the
>other cards?

What steps are you taking? In general, if a background is on multiple cards (they don't have to be) and you make a change to it, it will still be on the other cards, and the change will be displayed. The exception is if you ungroup a background, make changes to it, and only regroup it after going to (and returning from) another card.

Here is a reference to the section of the documentation that covers groups and backgrounds in detail. There's a lot of information, but that's because groups are so powerful.



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