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Klaus Major k_major at
Fri Sep 20 07:31:00 CDT 2002

Salaam Robin,

> I hope someone can help me with two problems with a stack that I am
> creating.  I am fairly new to Runtime Revolution though I have used
> Hypercard in the past.
> The problems relate to the fact that I intend to run a stack on several
> different machines.  The problems are:
> 1) How can I ensure that if I need to resize the stack all buttons, 
> objects,
> font size etc. will scale down accordingly?  I have looked at the 
> Geometry
> Manger but that doesn't seem to let me select more than one object at a
> time.

Sorry, i cannot help you here, but i am afraid that cannot be done right
out-of-the-box, read ->  a lot of scripting.

> 2) How can I export data from a text field to a text file on, say, a 
> floppy
> disk?  I have successfully used 'put field 1 into URL "file:test.txt"' 
> to
> put the contents of field 1 into test.txt in the current folder, but I 
> can't
> seem to get it to create or modify a file in any other location.  I'm
> developing this in Mac OSX, but this export function will mainly be 
> used on
> Windows PCs, if that's relevant.

If you know the path to the drive/hd/folder then you can hardcode it 

put fld 1 into url"file:C:/folder1/file.txt"

I am sure that won't work for you ;-)

But you can ask the user to select a folder/drive/hd where to store 
that file.


ask file "Where may i save this file?" with "test.txt"
if the result is not "cancel" then
   put fld 1 into url("file:" & it)
end if
## 1. user did not click "Cancel"
## 2. the variabel it then contains the path/folder/hd and the filename
## the user typed...

> Many thanks in advance.
> Robin

Hope that helps.

If not, just drop another mail :-)


Klaus Major
k_major at

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