Looping Over Groups?

Jim Biancolo webmaster at listology.com
Wed Sep 18 17:10:00 EDT 2002

Hi folks,

I'm new to Revolution; please forgive in advance boneheaded questions.  I 
checked the docs and Google before posting and couldn't find an answer.

Is there a way to loop over the images in a group?  I tried these:

    repeat for each image I in group "my_group"
    repeat for each item I in group "my_group"
    repeat for each object O in group "players_group"

All failed to compile.  Then I hit on:

    repeat for each element E in group "players_group"

It compiled, but then when I tried to run it I got this error:

    Error description:  Chunk: source is not a container

I fear I'm missing something obvious.  Any advice?



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