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Wed Sep 18 10:38:01 EDT 2002

Dear Richard Gaskin,
> This is a simple array type data base. The row is income $650 to 
> 20,000 in $50 increments The column is number of children is one child 
> through six children.  Each intersection (like  $2,250  and three 
> children)  is  a discrete number.  All totaled  there are 2,400 
> intersections. My best guess is that this comes in well under 1 mb.  
> But you know databases better than I do.  What is available in 
> Revolution to handle this minor database?  My concern is that I have 
> never worked with programing interfaces with databases.  My specialty 
> is video and graphics. 
> So with respect to this area I am a newbie. 
> Thanks for your help.

I'm going to make a few assumptions, because you didn't supply many details. 

1. The user will be inputting a $$value.
2. The user will be inputting an offspring value.
3. A table will supply a second $$outputvalue based on input1 and input2.
(Perhaps the table finds the amount of tax the user must pay based on income 
and number of offspring.)
4. The user does not need to view the table.
5. It is clear that the first column (1 offspring)can be easily calculated, 
because you already listed the start value, end value, and increment. 
Therefore, it is almost trivial to produce the $$outputvalue for each cell 
(intersection) of this column.
6. I suspect a similar relationship exists for each successive column, and 
that a simple factor needs to be changed based on the column number. 

If the user needs to view the table, you can use the same math to fill an 
array rather than manually inputting the data. Then, if the table needs to 
be revised, it's a simple matter of adjusting the math. 

If you supply start, end, and increment values for a few more columns, it 
will be possible to determine the formula to use to find the value at any 
cell in the table. 


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