Installer (was "Drag & Drop...")

Bob Arnold rfarnold at
Wed Sep 18 10:22:01 EDT 2002

Another discovery of a simple Mac-based Windows installation solution: the
free Alladin DropStuff can be set to create a PC (.exe) self-extracting
archive. When opened on a PC, it asks for a destination volume/folder with a
browse option. Pretty basic, but the good news is that extracted files will
not be read-only as those copied directly from the CD will be.

Does anyone know how, if possible, to make a file on a CD, such as an
application program or ".bat" file, automatically open when the disk is
inserted? Using Toast on my Mac, when making a hybrid dual format CD, I can
select a file on the Mac side to auto-open, but not on the PC side. Is there
something like "autoexec.bat" which works when a volume, such as a CD, is
mounted vs. when the computer starts up?
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