Stacks delivered via the web?

Richard K. Herz herz at
Tue Sep 17 17:20:00 EDT 2002

> Could someone describe to me, on or off-list depending how much you
> anticipate everyone's gonna groan, just how the below works?  I am not
> certain I am understanding it well enough to present it as a potential
> solution to the department...
> Judy

My version of doing this is posted at

The stacks could be designed to look like web pages, if that's what your
instructors need to see.  Note the link to the "engine" source just above
the screen shots.

With load and get url, I've encountered problems on Win XP, only, in trying
to make a second socket connection after the first times-out.  If anyone
else is sees that problem, please report it to bugs at

Rich Herz
herz at

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