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Klaus Major k_major at
Tue Sep 17 14:36:01 EDT 2002

Hi Jerry,

> Dear Richard Gaskin,
> This is a simple array type data base. The row is income $650 to 
> 20,000 in $50 increments The column is number of children is one child 
> through six children.  Each intersection (like  $2,250  and three 
> children)  is  a discrete number.  All totaled  there are 2,400 
> intersections. My best guess is that this comes in well under 1 mb.  
> But you know databases better than I do.  What is available in 
> Revolution to handle this minor database?  My concern is that I have 
> never worked with programing interfaces with databases.  My specialty 
> is video and graphics.
> So with respect to this area I am a newbie.
> Thanks for your help.

could you please provide some more info on how you want to display
the data and how you want to handle it ?

Or what's your idea of your application.
(Sounds like the amount of data is small enough to
let a simple text-field in RR handle it...)

Then we could supply some solutions :-)


Klaus Major
k_major at

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