Installer (was "Drag & Drop...")

Bob Arnold rfarnold at
Mon Sep 16 11:52:01 EDT 2002

With many thanks to Jan Schenkel and Klaus Major for their helpful
suggestions, I have solved my Windows installation blues (except for those
200 CD's I already burned!!!)

I modified the "startup" handler in the stand-alone app using Shell to run a
.BAT file (if it exists) to reset the read-only attributes of the data
stacks, and then delete the .BAT file.

I also created a simple Windows installer app -- using revcopyfolder,
revdeletefolder (to reinstall), specialfolderpath, and the same shell
routine to run and then delete the .BAT file to reset the read-only

Both solutions -- the installer and the startup routine in case someone
bypasses the installer -- work, so many thanks!

If anyone would be interested in looking at the simple installer stack (Bill
Lynn?) I'd be happy to email it or upload it someplace. Although it is set
up for Windows, it could easily be modified (simplified) for the Mac.

Robert Arnold
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