QT initialization on OS X 10.2

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at snet.net
Mon Sep 16 08:07:01 EDT 2002

Under 10.2, RR's QT initialization seems to work more effectively.  
Whereas, under 10.1, a QT version check would not do a thing in terms 
of speeding up the subsequent initial call to QT (resulting in a 
spinning beachball), under 10.2.....no wait and no more beachball.
Also, unrelated but interesting, under OS 10.2/QT 6, the QT musical 
instruments (Roland samples) have been modified such that there is 
always a slight reverb (apparently more pronounced at the end of a MIDI 
sequence, for example, or maybe just more audible at that point since 
there are no more notes being played).

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