Stacks delivered via the web?

Troy Rollins troy at
Sun Sep 15 20:23:01 EDT 2002

On Sunday, September 15, 2002, at 08:46  PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> If it's any consolation, Director's scripting language (Lingo) is an 
> xTalk
> knock-off, so it should be pretty easy to learn. What is a bit more 
> complex
> is the timeline metaphor, which is very different than a card-based 
> one. But
> here's a couple of things that might help (they may not make sense now 
> until
> you get started, but keep 'em handy and see if they help out when the 
> time
> comes):

Ken, I'm an old timer Director user as well. I don't think I've ever 
seen a comparison quite the way you described it. Frames are like cards, 
etc.  ;-)

 From my point of view, I've grown to simply accept the metaphor of each 
environment as its own thing, but I guess I can see where a diehard 
x-talker might want to create some form of cross-reference metaphor.

The score is like a stack... huh. I suppose it is, in fact. Just never 
thought of it that way.  ;-)  I guess I've always been an animator at 
heart anyway. Personally, I had a a harder time with Rev at first - 
partially because it wasn't driven by a timeline.

Everybody comes at this type of work from a different angle, I guess.

RPSystems, LTD

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