Request for input from the more experienced users please.

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I've used VB for a long time, so I know what you're looking for. Here's my

> No grid or listview (I've been told this is in the works but I'm not
> much on vaper ware.) Is there an existing third party solution for
> this?

OK. As far as a grid object is concerned, Rev uses a field object that can
truncate data at the column boundaries so you can have multiple columns of
information. It isn't a grid object (i.e. you can't directly address cells
by row and column number like in VB, nor can you select individual cells for
editing or formatting), but it works pretty well in a pinch. I know there
have been a couple of attempts at making a grid object that are publicly
available (I have a link on my site in the Downloads area of the Rev page: to a "Graph and
Table Objects" download), but so far there is no inherent grid or table
object in Rev as yet.

As far as list views are concerned, most of it can be simulated based on
what you want to do. For example, if you want a list of pictures or icons,
you can embed images in a field; if you want a set of tiled thumbnails, you
can group a bunch of icons/pictures and set the scrollbar of the group so
that you can scroll through them. Once again, no inherent object, but you
can get probably 85% of what the list view control in VB provides in Rev
with a little work.

> I understand that Rev can access MySQL but I'm wondering does it use
> MyODBC or a natural integration like that of PHP?

It's my understanding that it is straight ODBC, although Tuviah Snyder
should answer that as he developed it for RunRev.

> Report capabilities.  I've had a rather disastrous experience trying
> to print from the documentation that comes with Rev.  This makes me
> wonder about it's report and print capabilities. I've read something
> about a product called Datapro Report (or something like that) is
> this an add on, a plug-in, or a third party utility, and what does it
> cost?
> What are Rev's multie-user capabilities?  Does it have true record
> locking capabilities?

Rob already addressed these in an earlier response. If you want
record-locking, use a database connection.

You might be interested at looking at the VB/Rev comparison that is on the
RunRev site (which I wrote, incidentally) at, which includes a
database-enabled app built with Rev that you can examine.

Hope this helps,

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