Trouble Printing Documentation

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Sun Sep 15 02:18:40 EDT 2002

At 2:33 PM -0700 9/12/2002, Paul A. Porter wrote:
>Is anyone else having trouble printing pages from the documentation?
>When I click on the "Print" button on a page, card, stack, whatever
>it's called in Revolution, I am getting 2 lines of text on the first
>page one line of text on the second page and then back to two lines
>and then one line and so on.
>I'm on a network printer which is an HP LJ4V.

I've had one other report of printing problems, also by someone using an HP
(Hewlett Packard bubble jet 812c).

Has anyone else had similar problems, and if so are you using an HP
printer? Can you check that you have the latest/greatest HP driver? Do see
similar problems with the Print Field item in the File menu?


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