Request for input from the more experienced users please.

Paul A. Porter paporter at
Sat Sep 14 19:18:00 EDT 2002

Though I'm brand new to Revolution, I've been programming in Visual
Basic for some time. All the programming I do is of a business and
information processing nature.  The reason I'm looking at Rev is two
An effort to escape Micro$oft 
Take advantage of multiplatform capability 

I have found a couple of development packages will allow both of the
above, one that is a true business development package; but I really
like Rev.  I do have several real concerns about Rev though and how
well I'm going to be able to mold it into a business development
package.  Among my concerns are: 
No grid or listview (I've been told this is in the works but I'm not
much on vaper ware.) Is there an existing third party solution for

I understand that Rev can access MySQL but I'm wondering does it use
MyODBC or a natural integration like that of PHP? 

Report capabilities.  I've had a rather disastrous experience trying
to print from the documentation that comes with Rev.  This makes me
wonder about it's report and print capabilities. I've read something
about a product called Datapro Report (or something like that) is
this an add on, a plug-in, or a third party utility, and what does it

What are Rev's multie-user capabilities?  Does it have true record
locking capabilities? 

If those more experienced users would please address the above and
provide any additional information they think might be helpful in my
decision making process I'd be most appreciative. 
Thank you for any input you might be willing to provide. 

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