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Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Sep 13 16:16:01 EDT 2002

The Wiki looks cool..but are all of them that slow to load? Or is it a slow
server. Or am I just on a slow connection???

What would be REALLY cool though, is to somehow CAPTURE the best stuff on
this list and put it in an online searchable database...

Or, just allow the archive of this list to be searched (like the MetaCard


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> Geoff.....
> Great idea. I'm a big fan and user of Wikis.
> I posted a comment on the How to open a stack page. One thing that's
> not clear is whether you'd like added commentary to appear before or
> after the previous-next page links. I chose before. Probably a good
> idea to at least provide some guidance on that.
> Great work. Thanks.
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