Images & clipboard problems

Docteur Frank Dupraz frank.d at
Fri Sep 13 09:10:01 CDT 2002

I would really appreciate help regarding the 2 following problems :
- Image :
When I do [put URL "binfile:myImage.gif" into image "revImage"] 
everything works as expected.
When I do [put image "revImage" into URL "file:whatSoEverImage.gif"] I 
get expected garbage (text file), but when I do [put image "revImage" 
into URL "binfile:whatSoEverImage.gif"] I get garbage as well.
And when I do [put imageData of image "revImage" into URL 
"binfile:whatSoEverImage.gif"] I obviously get even more garbage.
Am I really that stupid or am I missing something ?

- Clipboard :
I would be delighted to know whether someone knows how do something like 
that : [put URL "binfile:../clipBoardFile" into image "myImage"] where 
clipBoardFile is supposed to be the file where the Sytem stores the 
clipboard data. Assuming that 1) the data is an image, 2) Mac OS X as 
well as Mac OS 9.x stores clipboard data in a file somewhere rather than 
in memory.
The clipBoard() function is rather useless and gives only information 
about the data type. Is there another one which allows access to the 
content of the clipboard rather than the type ?

Zillions thanks in advance for your reply.

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