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miscdas at boxfrog.com miscdas at boxfrog.com
Fri Sep 13 00:28:01 EDT 2002

One of the questions was if Windoze users can deal with GZ format. Yes. the 
following was copied from the gzip site http://www.gzip.org/#faq3 : 

Is there a Windows interface for gzip?
PowerArchiver 6.1 and Winzip include the gzip compression code and can 
decompress .gz and tar.gz files. Win-GZ can compress and decompress files in 
gzip format. Please note that gzip, PowerArchiver 6.1 and Win-GZ are 
freeware but you must register Winzip and PowerArchiver 7.0 if you use them 

How can I extract a tar.gz or .tgz file?
For Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP, use PowerArchiver 6.1 (freeware) or Winzip 


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