Can't get local time on MAX OSX (Jaguar)

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at
Thu Sep 12 21:59:03 EDT 2002

Thanks David -- I have no problem with being asked  to check my plugs! 
(smile) agreed: sometimes the simple things escape us:

But, no go.... my system date and time prefs right now show
-- Current time: 16:30:00
-- clock face and menu bar are showing 4:30 PM
-- The option to use a network server is unchecked

but Rev still returns 6:30 AM

mmm. let me try Metacard..... (2.4.3b3) hold....

aaahaha! gotcha...

Metacard returns 4:30 PM!

So, this appears to be a bug in the latest alpha version of 
Rev....which is using 2.4.3b2... hopefully that will be fixed
soon... Either the older engine version or the Rev IDE wrapper is the 

but you say it is working for you.... if you put

put the version

into you msg box what do you get?

OK, copying this to Improve list also. I don't see a way out for now 
other than to buildt a compensation function to offset the error till 
its fixed.

>> set the useSystemDate to true
>> put the time
>> or
>> put the system time
>> according to docs should return local the time  as set in the system
>> date and Time preferences... but it is not. Any clues?

David Vaughn
> Not really. Seems to be a Hawaiian problem, as it works on Jaguar a few
> hours West of you. Sorry to be a bit "have you plugged it into the
> power point, sir?" but have your checked your system preference
> settings?
> regards
> David

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