ImageData Question...

Chipp Walters chipp at
Thu Sep 12 16:17:01 EDT 2002

Fixed my own problem...
It turn out that on the PC, the RGB values are reversed...
so, instead of 0,R,G,B
it's B,G,R,0 order
then a couple of optimizations and minor bugfixes... 
voila! this works.
Ken, You might make a note on your webpage. 

on putImage1intoImage2
    put the imageData of Image1 into timagedata
    put 1 into y
    repeat for each char C in timagedata

        --convert to RGB space
        put charToNum(char y of timagedata) into tB
        put charToNum(char y + 1 of timagedata) into tG
        put charToNum(char y + 2 of timagedata) into tR
        put charToNum(char y + 3 of timagedata) into t0

        put y+4 into y
        put binaryEncode("CCCC",tB,tG,tR,t0) after tconvData
  end repeat
  set the width of img 2 to the width of img 1
  set the height of img 2 to the height of img 1
  set the imagedata of img 2 to tconvdata

end putImage1intoImage2

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