Using Midi

Klaus Major klaus.major at
Thu Sep 12 08:11:01 EDT 2002

Hi James,

looks like you are the "most quoting" person of the day...
(7 levels deep, not too bad ;-)

> I tried placing the midi file on a substack and get around the fact 
> that the
> midi would not play continuously. Unfortunately I cannot get the stack 
> with
> the midi file to open

What did you do to open that stack ?

Try to type this into the messagebox:

toplevel "name of the stack with the midi-file"

and hit "Return".

This way that stack will appear again.

But you still have the midi-file, do you ?

First of all: Don't panic !!!

Take a deep breath and start again...


Klaus Major
klaus.major at

Don't get me wrong, but do you read our advices carefully enough ?

Everything i post to this list, i doublecheck here first and make
sure it is working...

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