Using Midi

Klaus Major klaus.major at
Thu Sep 12 03:30:01 EDT 2002

Hi James,

look like the beginning difficulties are kinda sorted out ;-)

So we can see if we can solve your problem.

> I translated the file, via quicktime, to an aiff file but it grew from 
> a 52k
> file to a 22 meg file which takes forever to load.

If you can live with the sound of the midi-file,
you should use the 52k file :-)

Thats the big advantage of midi-files, they are soooo small, 
filesize-wise ;-)

> I have it imported as an midi file but the file cuts out when I go to 
> the
> second card

Do this:

1. Create a player-object
2. Set its filename to the midi-file
3. Select that player
4. Group it. (Yes, you can group a single object !!!
     In this case you even HAVE to...)
5. Check "Background Behaviour" on the "Group"-tab
     of the property-palette
6. click the "place" button in the application overview and
     select "place on all cards"

So this group will be available on all cards in your stack
and the player will not stop when you go to another card.

Hope this helps...


Klaus Major
klaus.major at

Good advice (not only for James ;-):

Do not doubleclick a file, if you want it to be
opened with a certain application.

1. Try to drag that file to the icon of the appropriate app.
If it inverts, release the mouse and that app will open the file.
(Works even on windows ;-) (On a mac, too, of course ;-)

2. Or, this will always work !!!, lauch the "certain" application and 
"Open" in the menu "File". If that "Certain" app can handle the file, 
it will
shop up in the "open"-dialog !!!

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