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Steve Messimer steve at
Wed Sep 11 13:07:00 EDT 2002


Thanks a lot. That was it. :-)

>> I have created a plug-in that I only want licensed users of Rev to be
>> able
>> to use. How do I keep the plug-in from being used by those who have the
>> StarterKit?
> Check out the "environment" function, Steve.

For anyone whose interested here's the script...  This is placed in the
plug-in's stack script.

on preOpenStack
  if the environment is "Development" then
    -- person using a licensed version of Rev => plug-in opens
    -- person using the starterkit version of Rev => plug-in quits
    answer error "Sorry, this plug-in only works with licensed versions of
Revolution software. Please remove the plug-in from the Revolution plug-ins
folder and restart Revolution. If you would like to use this plug-in,
contact Runtime Revolution Ltd. and purchase a licensed version of
Revolution Software. This application will quit when you dismiss this dialog
box." with "OK"
  end if
end preOpenStack

Thanks again Try for the quick heads-up.

Kind regards,


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