The age of user-translatable applications software has arrived!

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On Wednesday, Sep 11, 2002, at 16:59 Australia/Sydney, Rob Cozens wrote:

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> For Immediate Release
> Serendipity Software Company announces the release of Serendipity 
> Library.
> The Library includes all the tools needed to create user-translatable 
> applications in Runtime Revolution® and MetaCard®.  It also introduces 
> the world's first native X-Talk database: Serendipity 
> Database--Binary, or SDB.
> Serendipity Library is a collection of Transcript™ commands for 
> database operations, date manipulation, input editing, number 
> formatting, and list & table manipulation.  With the accompanying 
> reference and associated files, it also serves as an exemplar of 
> techniques for creating user-translatable applications and using SDB. 
> It is available free of charge and can be distributed with any Runtime 
> Revolution or MetaCard project royalty-free (see license terms for 
> details).
> The Library files can be downloaded at 

I received a message that this file was not found.

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