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Tue Sep 10 09:58:01 EDT 2002

Hi Mark,

What you might try to do is:
  put the htmlText of fld "textField" into \
  field "htmlField"
Then you can have a look at the html-based formatting
behind it -- especially the <a href="xxx">yyy</a>

This means that we could also make our changes
directly into the htmlText of a field, thereby forcing
it to redraw (though that results in a gray field
background until you click in it -- but there's a
workaround for that as well -- i believe toggling the
lockText on/off or off/on).

Now, keeping in mind that the next version of RunRev
has extensive support for xml, and the html used in
RunRev is xml-compliant, we could do some pretty neat

But enough day-dreaming for now, I have a FoxPro app
to tame...

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish
at the same time."  (De Rochefoucald)

--- mark mitchell <cowhead at> wrote:
> Jan Schenkel wrote:
> >
> >       set the textStyle of tChunk to "link"
> >       set the linkText of tChunk to tLink
> >     end if
> >   end mouseUp
> >
> The linkText is an amazing thing, but I still don't
> really get it.  
> Where is the info that you put in here stored?  Is
> it stored as a hidden 
> custom property of the field?  What is amazing is
> that you can rearrange 
> everying, and the links don't get messed up.  You
> can sort a field, you 
> can fully edit the original linked chunk, even
> delete it entirely and 
> retype something new there, and it will keep the
> same linkText.  You can 
> cut and paste the linked chunk into a new location
> in the field, and it 
> will keep the original linkText.  It also offers
> different colors for 
> unvisited vs visited links.  And you can get a list
> of all the link 
> texts of a field with a simple handler e.g.
> repeat with i = 1 to the number of words in myfield
> if the textstyle of word i of field myField is
> "link" then
> if the textstyle of word i - 1 of field myField is
> not "link" then
> put the linkText of word i of field myField after
> theList
> end if
> end if
> end repeat
> LinkText is a beautiful thing.  But how does it
> work?
> mark mitchell
> Japan
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