QuickTime movies in a standalone

mark mitchell cowhead at mac.com
Mon Sep 9 13:23:01 EDT 2002

Martin wrote:

> hi
> I have converted an mp3-file to a QuickTime-movie. In combination with a
> player there is no problem to play the song in a stack.

Did you really 'convert' it?  Because you don't have to do anything to 
an MP3 file.  QT will play plain ol' MP3 files just fine, whether alone 
in QT player or via a Rev player.  I noticed for recording, QT6 now also 
offers MP4.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to do anything yet.  You 
seem to be able to record in MP4, but nothing seems to be able to play 
it.  Anyone know whats going on there?

> But, as soon as I build a standalone, problems with the path are coming 
> up.
> How can I manage to build a standalone where the application itself 
> finds
> the QuickTime-movie to be played?
> Martin

My stand-alone is usually just a 'splash' screen that then opens the 
real 'meat' stack.  Remember, you have to do something like this if you 
want to save any changes while running.  So I just put the QT-movies and 
MP3 files and other 'referenced' items in the same data folder as the 
real 'meat' stack.  Somewhere in this stack you then have:

put the [effective] filename of this stack into zaName --- returns full 
path of stack, use 'effective' for substacks
set itemDelimiter to "/"
put MyQTmovie into item -1 of zaName --   myQTmovie is not the full 
path, just the name of your QT file
set the fileName of player myPlayer to zaName

In my hands, OS X is a little funky, so you may not see the controller 
of the player (assuming you have it set to visible) or the movie image 
(if its video of some kind) until you actually start the player, or 
click near where the controller should be.  Good luck,

mark mitchell

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