Runtime menus dissapear need help

Gary Rathbone gary.rathbone at
Sun Sep 8 08:08:00 EDT 2002

Sounds strange... Try this...

1. Open revolution
2. Press "Ctrl" and "M" at the same time
3. You should see a message box
4. In the top of the message box type
                         show stack "revmenubar"
5. Then press "Enter" on the bottom right of the keyboard (near the number

If the above doesn't work it may have been moved off screen in which case do
everything as above apart from number 4 , type
                     set the loc of stack "revmenubar" to 600,200
This should move the menubar stack to the centre of the screen.

I guess if you used "revmenubar" as a name for one of your stacks then the
scripts could be getting confused (?). Looking in the Revolution directory
there are loads of stacks which start with "rev", therefore I'd suggest not
starting *any* of your stack names with 'rev'.

Hope this helps


Gary Rathbone

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Subject: Runtime menus dissapear need help

> Greetings again
> Something odd happend: When I start Runtime I can only see that Tip window
and tool palette but main window where is File menus and so on has
dissapeared and I can't see that main window any way.
> How I can fix this?
> Yours
> EsaK
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