Lag after button click

David Vaughan dvk at
Sat Sep 7 17:08:01 EDT 2002

On Saturday, Sep 7, 2002, at 22:44 Australia/Sydney, Matt Denton wrote:

> Hey-ya David
> I just tested it, you need to set the doubleClickInterval to 0

Thanks Matt. I had adjusted only the System Preferences. Your 
suggestion works perfectly for rapid clicking but it is a bit 
disconcerting to be unable to select text any longer ;-) and, as the 
Rev help says, it does not do to discombobulate the user.

So, using your information, in an app where I often flick through cards 
looking at the latest status, I have added to the Prev and Next buttons 
mouseEnter and mouseLeave handlers which store the current state of 
doubleClickInterval in a local variable and restore the user's 
preference on exit. Very successful. (I trust this answers Thomas' 
original problem as well.)


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