Imported graphics question

Bob Arnold rfarnold at
Sat Sep 7 10:03:01 EDT 2002

Hi again,

I created a B&W splash screen image with a gradient background. I saved this
image in Photoshop as an 8 bit grayscale jpg. With these settings, I can
view this image in PS, or Quicktime Viewer on my Mac with the color depth
set down at least as far as 256 colors, with no apparent banding in the
gradient. When I import it as a control into my RR stack, however, the
gradient will degrade at any monitor setting below the maximum (32 bit).
What is RR doing to the picture on import? Converting the grayscale image
into a color image? Is there any way to avoid this and maintain
compatibility with the properties of the original image for better viewing
under a variety of monitor settings?


Bob Arnold
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