Lag after button click

Matt Denton matt.denton at
Sat Sep 7 07:46:01 EDT 2002

Hey-ya David

I just tested it, you need to set the doubleClickInterval to 0 (I'm 
sure someone else may have already sent this through, I'm on daily 
digest that I only seem to get a chance to read once a week!).  I 
tested it with a little stack and my best manic A.D.D. style clicking 
and got perfect results.  (Clicking like this takes me back to my long 
lost Defender and Robotron days :~) now available on MacMAME, plus the 
all time classic Marble Madness... enough raving).


Matt Denton
matt.denton at

On Saturday, September 7, 2002, at 03:21  PM, David Vaughan wrote:

> Ken
> I have mouse double-click rate set to maximum. My click rate was _much_
> slower than required to highlight a word (for example) using a
> double-click, yet I can still lose clicks (or every third click, with
> your code) after waiting for the visual response before clicking again.
> This seems inconsistent with behaviour of other applications.. I can
> not create this problem in HC but presumably that is just getting more
> attention from the OS.
> regards
> David

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