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> Thank you both for verifying my problem. But is simply shouldn't be 
> this way
> -- and it isn't Apple's problem it is RunRev's. The checkboxes in the
> distribution builders of the "classic" and OSX version of RunRev are
> identical -- they SHOULD therefore produce identical results (which I
> assumed they did) but they don't. All the RunRev documentation claims 
> that
> MacOS compatibility extends down to system 7.1 -- but this IS NOT TRUE 
> if
> the MacOS application is built using the OSX engine -- which creates an 
> OS
> 9+ dependent carbon app

I have a different problem with my Dist builder for OSX, it just quit 
working on my G4 tower! (but not on the iMacs).  It just stops after 
saying "copying file xxxx" and it makes a folder titled 'standalone 
xxxx" but this folder is empty.  I've downloaded a 'fresh' version of 
Rev and run 'fsck -y' on the OS, but to no avail.  I previously posted 
that this behaviour was due to a stack with really big 3D buttons 
slowing down the whole dev environment.  It's true that big 3D buttons 
slow it down, buy it now seems my distribution builder probs are 
independant of that.  Anyone else seen this behaviour?  I have less than 
a GB of free space left on the HD, I don't know if that is relevant.
But, a nice plus that we Mac users have is that we really have two 
machines in one now.  If the OSX quits working, (as mine did) just 
switch to classic, which still builds fine OSX standalones!  An added 
fail safe while we work things out.

mark mitchell

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