VS: Newbie: call subpraogram

Esa Kivelä Esa.Kivela at ncrc.fi
Fri Sep 6 06:04:01 EDT 2002

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> Aihe: Re: Newbie: call subpraogram
> On Friday, Sep 6, 2002, at 19:00 Australia/Sydney, Esa Kivelä wrote:
> > Greetings to all
> >
> > I like to call subroutine in my progam but when I try 
> Hyperradnd old 
> > style
> >
> > On Mainprogram
> > <code>
> > valo (jumpu to sub)
> > end Mainprogram
> >
> > On valo
> > blaa blaaa
> > end valo
> >
> > it won't work. Runtime tell "cant find the handler"
> >
> > How I can call subroutines in Runtime?
> Esa
> You are doing it correctly and it [almost always] works, unless the 
> handler does not compile. I have found sometimes that Revolution 
> silently fails to compile a handler and then produces the message you 
> have seen when you try to run it, because there is no valid 
> handler of 
> that name.
> Open the script again, add and remove a space somewhere (or 
> some other 
> irrelevant edit) and recompile. This may catch it. Otherwise, 
> quit and 
> restart Revolution and then try a recompile. I am sure you 
> will find a 
> minor code bug.
> regards
> David

Thanks I'll try that I just move Hypercard stack -> Revolution and in that stack lies that problem. I have longgggg time ago coded some LPCMUD room editor (when I studyied HyperTalk) and try to end that satck with Runtime with my pc.

That editor is somekind drag&drop system where  mosnters, weapons, doors can "drop" into room, click ie. monsters icon and its details pops up and there can conigure monsters status (ie name, exp, hp, etc.) also when inside monsters details there is a square where weapons, armours etc. can also drop AND monster really get those things in Mud :-). 

If somone play LPCMUDS and are intersted code that editor in Runtime please email me to esa.kivela at ncrc.fi.


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