Telenet and Control Break Key

Luis Camou lcamou3 at
Thu Sep 5 23:07:01 EDT 2002

Thank you Dar =)

Yes the numbers did not add up to ( 1/4 ~ 1/8 ) but still I will try this at
a lower speed and with a null char. I think is more of a trial and error
with the timing .=(

I need to set this Break signal at different speeds,  well actually 2 speeds
9 600 and 115 200 .  I need the higher speed to upload a file into the
router ( next project ... xmodem transfer and TFTP ). Well at least I will
try  =)

>Hey, Luis, maybe there is some way for your stack to use some other
program for serial IO and somehow tell it to send a break.  What
platform are you needing this on?

The software is on windows. To accomplish this I would need to tell the
other program to open a serial port, then to send a break signal and to
close the port afterwards. The hardest part would be ( I think ) to tell
this software to send a break signal .

Well  tomorrow I will try the break signal with runrev. I'll keep you posted
if I succeed.

Thank you

Luis Camou
lcamou3 at

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