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Thu Sep 5 06:24:01 EDT 2002

--- sschofield <sschofield at>
> Ha ha, forgot the breaks. Now why do I only notice
> that soon as I hit the
> send?Without the semicolons at the end of the lines
> I go into vb mode. Weak
> excuse I know!  Rest of question, ie how to shorten
> script/learn script
> still applies

Hi, and Welcome to the RunRev community :-)

To learn scripting skills, you could download the
MetaCard tutorial on the Metacard ftp-site. Goto:

And download the files:

Open from RunRev and go through the tutorials.
That should get you a long way.

As for your script, try this:

on mouseUp
  switch (field "login")
  ## field "login" = the text of field "login"
  case "susie"
    put "hello susie" into field "MyMessage"
  case "ros"
    put "hello ros" into field "MyMessage"
    put "not registered" into field "MyMessage"
    ## no break needed here, as it's the last one
  end switch
end mouseUp

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish
at the same time."  (De Rochefoucald)

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