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Ha ha, forgot the breaks. Now why do I only notice that soon as I hit the
send?Without the semicolons at the end of the lines I go into vb mode. Weak
excuse I know!  Rest of question, ie how to shorten script/learn script
still applies

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Hi, I'm totally new to scripting language. I want to switch but it always
comes up "not registered". The if way works fine (though scripting does seem
a very verbose way of coding so again any help on shortening my typing
gratefully received). Also any hints on how best to learn scripting as I'm
not finding it at all intuitive. I'm a windows Fortran/C++/VB bod.

On mouseup  
--message box just to show I've picked out the correct property show message
  put the text of the field "login" into message
 if the text of the field "login" is "susie" then
   put "hello susie" into field "MyMessage"
 else if the text of the field "login" is "ros" then
   put "hello ros" into field "MyMessage"
   put "not registered" into field "MyMessage"
 end if
--  switch the text of the field "login"
--    case "susie"
--      put "hello susie" into field "MyMessage"
--    case "ros"
--      put "hello ros" into field "MyMessage"
--    default
--      put "not registered" into field "MyMessage"
--  end switch

End mouseup

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