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> Are you sure? You should be able from OS X to build PPC, 68k, or fat
> (which includes both PPC and 68k) versions which don't require the
> CarbonLib.
> That is what those check boxes are for.
> Bill Vlahos

If I build a MacOS (not X) standalone (PPC or FAT) from the OSX Rev, the app
will not run unless the carbon lib is present. If I build it from the
"classic" version of Rev, the build is much larger and works without carbon
lib, and presumably would work on earlier operating systems. I am unable to
get the OSX version to make a stand alone app that will run without carbon

One would certainly assume that that is indeed what those check boxes are
for, but for some reason, the apparently aren't. Obviously, it isn't
supposed to be this way, but it is. The checkbox in the OSX version of Rev
should be labled "MacOS 9" not "MacOS".

Thanks for the response


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