Icons on OS X

Mark Talluto revlists at canelasoftware.com
Wed Sep 4 18:50:01 EDT 2002

On Sunday, September 1, 2002, at 05:18  PM, Troy Rollins wrote:

>> My lack of Mac experience requires me to ask how to do this. I tried
>> downloading ResEdit as advised by the Iconographer docs but it 
>> crashed on OS
>> X 10.1.4
>> Any step by step instructions including apps needed would be most 
>> welcome.
> Richard's instructions are good, but I find it a real shame that as 
> much as Rev does for you along the way - it leaves you in the lurch 
> for this very crucial stage. You can do practically everything from 
> within the environment - and then when it comes time to distribute, 
> out comes the cryptic pList editor...
> ResEdit is NOT a good choice under OSX, it is REALLY showing it age 
> now, and is ill prepared to deal with bundles. The plist editor 
> supplied with apple development tools is OK for this, but something is 
> still missing... perhaps a step by step recipe. Ken Ray gave us some 
> good insights a while back, but unfortunately, once you start to tear 
> apart the Rev build, it gets pretty ugly. The really sad part is that 
> we found editing the Windows registry using the Transcript tools FAR 
> easier than getting the same functions to work in OSX - but of course, 
> Rev provides no real help there.
> --
> Troy

I am getting into this a bit late, but here is my two cents.  Doing the 
icons can be a pain the first time you are trying to get it all 
together.  The next revision to Rev will change this over to the new 
Mach O format.  The icons are done a bit differently.  I believe it is 
actually easier now.  I created a movie that anyone can watch that will 
show the process of setting the icons and their associations in an OS X 
app.  If you would like to watch it, it is at:  

Be forewarned that there is no sound to the movie.  It is about 8MB in 
size but should start playing once you have enough downloaded.

Best regards,
Mark Talluto


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