Telnet and Control Break Key

Luis Camou lcamou at
Wed Sep 4 02:44:01 EDT 2002


>I think your problem is tougher if this is what you need.  I'd like
to see how you do this if this is indeed your problem.

I thought that a combination key might work since I am using a pc. What am
looking i guess is a easy way out.   :-)

I was looking at Cisco's site

In their table at the end it seems that I can accomplish this by capturing
the Ctrl-Break key and sending it through the serial port . They also
describe how to do it with a lower speed and a spacekey  combination to
accomplish the same. The problem with this speed - spacekey combination is
that it is unreliable ... sometimes works and some times it doesn't .

Thank you

Luis Camou

lcamou3 at

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