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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Sep 3 11:16:00 EDT 2002

I wrote:
> Dan Friedman <dan at> wrote:
>>I tried using the "files" and "folders" functions, but I can't get the
>>defaultFolder property set to a non-local directory.  For example:
>>set the defaultFolder to "" returns
>>"Can't open directory."
> Try it without the user and password. The user/password is needed when 
> actually accessing the contents of the folder on the server, but setting 
> the default folder is internal to Rev and may need to be the actual 
> folder path without anything extra.

My response above was a guess. I got curious and did some experimenting, 
and as far as I can see, "defaultfolder" doesn't support file paths over 
the net. It seems to be limited to drives that can be mounted on the 
local machine.

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